My journey in the world of art

“In this video I am sharing a personal story with you for the first time in this way. I have a lot on my mind and it felt very strange to have to sit and record it.

I talked about how I accidentally discovered a new world and how I was able to handle everyday challenges through art and creativity. I talk, among other things, about how I found myself in a world where many demands and expectations are set. About how I could turn a weakness into strength and use it to my own advantage to grow and develop myself.

I hope my story and this video can inspire you to follow YOUR DREAMS- no matter what it is. I hope you can explore yourself and your opportunities to reach your full potential and will always live a meaningful and joyful life. “

Kunsten bankes på. Sallys nr. 6/2023

Isra maler med snore og søm. hendes verden nr. 16/2023

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