Art that will brighten up your home and touch your heart

Unique Idea of Unique Art for a Unique Home

It often starts with just an idea that can bloom into something memorable. All of us are creative creatures. Have you ever wished to see your idea on canvas? Now it’s the opportunity to make it happen!

Decorate your walls or gift someone with a unique piece of art. Art stimulates our minds like nothing else. Art created with threads and nails doubles the effect!


“I can’t wait to have it framed. So happy with the art, it fits into my home very nicely.”


Henrik Modler

Make Your Home Unique

Personal portraits

Let me capture a memory in time with threads and nails.


Customized Art

Let me create an ideal artwork based on your idea from scratch.


Original Art

Does one of my existing artworks speak to you?



Do you have an image of the perfect masterpiece in mind? Do you wish to get someone a personal portrait but don’t know how to start? I can answer all your questions, simply fill in this form and let’s discuss your ideas. Feel free to upload any images.

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