DIY String Art Kits

Make your own art

Wake up your inner creativity and make your very own professional art at home. Our DIY String Art Kits are the perfect way to spend time with your family or friends, as well as practising cognitive functions.

Choose your favourite design and showcase your imagination and creativity. There is no right or wrong with our DIY kits, you create the masterpiece and you are the artist.

DIY Kits that give you endless possibilities

What can you do with our kits? So much!

Become an artist

Test and improve your technical and creative skills with our kits, or simply have fun creating unconventional art.

Buy an unforgettable gift

Every day is a special day, but you can make it even more so! Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Mother’s Day… We have a design for them all.

Bond with your family and friends

Spend the time with your friends and family and make art. There is nothing more special than doing something together.

Decorate your home

Are you looking for something unique and beautiful for your home? How about an artwork you made yourself?