Transform someone you love

into a colorful piece of art

How is it done?

This technique revolves around placing the nails on the strategic parts of a face and following up with threads to complete the face features smoothly.


  • Black & White
  • Color

“It’s so much better than I had ever imagined. It looks like my kids so well with really beautiful details. It will create so much personality in our home and I am looking forward to hanging it up in the living room… ”



Before & After

“It is so beautifully made and a really creative gift to present to the headmaster on the occasion of his resignation! He became very happy. He thought it was very skillfully made.”


Al hikma School

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“It is a gift for my daughter who loves her dog very much, so we wanted to give a personal gift. We were really surprised and very impressed. Now we have to find room for it. So beautiful…”



Get a Fully Customized Artwork with threads and Nails

Have you ever dreamed of an artwork based on your ideas and imagination? Check-out my customizable page to see that everything is possible. Let’s combine my creativity with your imagination.