Christmas DIY Kit Collection

All I want for Christmas is… a DIY kit!

Christmas is the time of peace, family, and love. Everything comes into place once Christmas approaches. But it is also a stressful time to find the perfect present for those you love the most.

Gift your family and friends with a with a creative activity, and create a memorable art with threads and nails. You can afterward decorate your home in a personal and unique way. Gift it already finished and handmade by you, give them the experience itself, or do it together in front of a Christmas tree. 

Christmas is about love and giving. Give something that will stay in their hearts for a long time.

Explore your own creativity

Use the thread in any way you want and make your own masterpiece.  

Spend quality time with the ones you love

Nothing bonds people like good quality time. Get together with a couple of friends and create different versions of one design.

Enhance your cognitive thinking

Did you know making art elevates your cognitive thinking and increases brain function? By creating a DIY kit, you not only stimulate your mind, but also relieve stress.