Take advantage of your workspace and fill it with stunning 3D art

Why should you have space art in your workplace?

Owning a spacious work environment can sometimes feel massive and empty. Why not fill it with attractive 3D art which will leave your customers in awe?

“The room with the artwork is very comfortable to stay in. Many visitors think the work is pretty and fun to look at. It provides a pleasant atmosphere, does not “make too much noise”, and the room can still accommodate all sorts of different kinds of meetings and activities.


Sofie Ilsøe Sjöblom

Space Art is…

1. Completely customizable

Do you want it in offices, meeting rooms? Do you wish to incorporate brand colors? It is all possible.

2. Long-lasting

I take special care when creating space art so it is secure, safe and ready to amaze for the following years.

3. Service inclusive

You will be able to maintain your art with my ‘art maintainance guide’ included in your order.


“I love the process of making this art. I appreciated that Threadist helped to convey the process as a network activity, and that she documented and communicated the process along the way. The finished work works super well for the room and how it is used and at the same time fits in really well with our other works.”


Sofie Ilsøe Sjöblom

Take the opportunity and use your workspace to impress

Book a meeting with me, a phone call, video chat, or physical meeting. We can talk about your workspace and how we can use space art to enhance its personality.

Upload images of your workspace for me to start brainstorming about your space art opportunities

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