A memory that will last a lifetime

ThreadisT personal portraits

Turn someone you love into an artistic expression with threads and nails.

Get gift for birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions. Certainly, gift giving is not a competition, but who doesn’t like to give the one which is most memorable?

Make Someone a star of their own Canvas

It can be anybody!



Famous Figures


Choose between two types of portraits

Classic portrait

Traditionally made portrait using threads and nails


Infinite portrait

Unique, handmade and attention grabbing


Send me a high quality image and I will customize a price  for you

We always want the personal portraits to be perfect. Quite understandably, since we are portraying the people we love the the most. Don’t worry about any of that, simply send me a message using the form below. Feel free to upload a high-quality photo as well and I will calculate a price for you.

You can upload the original image here

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